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Kings Hall Stoke Soul All Nighter SEPTEMBER 21st, 2019 - Saturday, SEPTEMBER 21st, 2019

SATURDAY-SEPTEMBER 21st, 2019   23 YEARS as the UK's leading Soul All Nighter 

SPECIAL 'GIANT CLUBS' of NORTHERN SOUL (Twisted Wheel/Golden Torch/Blackpool Mecca/Wigan Casino)

The Greatest Music on Earth CELEBRATION!

THE UK's most popular All Nighter!  

 An unrivalled Northern Soul experience in 2 rooms   

Attendees from all over the WORLD! Quite simply, it's the Wheel, Torch, Wigan Mecca, Stafford topped off with the best of the 'niter scene today. IRRESISTABLE!

DJ's in 2 rooms-Northern Soul Classics plus Rare and Upfront 45's

 DJ's- Ginger Taylor, Dave Evison, Richard Searling, Mick Taylor, Kev Roberts, Colin Curtis, Mark Freeman, Brent Howarth, Jordan Wilson, John Poole, Andy Dyson, Pep, John Poole, Mark Sargent 

plus in the Windsor Suite(Wheel/Mod/Ska/Reggae) with Chris King, Sean Chapman, Mark and Debbie Wilson

Celebrating......Wigan Casino

The Golden Torch
Blackpool Mecca
The Ritz 
The Catacombs 
St Ives 
Va Va's 
St Ives 

£10 Early bird Advanced(Limited to first 500). £12.50 thereafter   15.00 on the door 

Many people have likened the King's Hall to  Wigan the huge main hall is surrounded on three sides by a seating balcony from where you can witness the awesome view of Northern Soul dancers with a 2nd room(Windsor Suite) inc Record Sellers Market place.


The King's Hall is 7 minutes from Junctions 15/16 M6. Located in Stoke Town Centre, follow Civic Buildings signs. Approx. 3 minutes by car from the Brittania Stadium. DO NOT head for CITY CENTRE.

Opening Times

From 9pm until 6am. Last admission time is 2.30am. BAR TIMES 9pm - 4am* then Soft Drinks -

Food/Canteen 9.30pm-5.30am

RECORD DEALERS / MERCHANDISING: Purchase a ticket then start selling! No bootlegs,counterfeits or Trademark infringements please! Keep it real....

2019 dates: JUNE 29(ALL DAYER 5pm-2am), All Nighters JULY 27, SEPTEMBER 21st(Wigan/Torch/Mecca/Wheel and major club Special), 

Need accomodation? https://www.booking.com/?aid=1549404 

our full event schedule

For more details, e-mail sales@goldsoul.co.uk or see us on Facebook and Instagram - Goldsoul Events plus a dedicated Kings Hall Stoke All Nighter page  Twitter- @goldsoulevent

On the way to the venue, listen to Signal 2, 1170AM and DAB throughout Staffs/Cheshire.10pm-1am

'If you experience one Northern Soul All Nighter in a lifetime, THIS IS IT! (Guardian)

See more recent reviews/comments: http://www.soul-source.co.uk/soulforum/calendar/event/24478-the-worlds-no1-all-nighterkings-hall-stoke/#comment_70994


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Gc1bN0raro     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDK7hoewZMk

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our full event schedule

Dress Code:  Casual    No Refunds or Exchanges
Any questions, text us 07841-197874
Kings Hall, Kingsway, Stoke .M6  Jncts 15/16,  A50 head for Stoke Town Centre(avoid City Centre) 
Sat nav ST4 1BL   Nearest Railway Station: Stoke on Trent approx 0.5 mile



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