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The Definitive Northern Soul Top 500 - Downloadable Version - Available Now.

The World's best selling book on Northern Soul is now in its final format, aptly titled 'Definitive'! And now in FULL COLOUR!  THIS IS THE DOWNLOAD VERSION!
In 1967 an underground movement developed via The Twisted Wheel Club in Manchester. Regular all night 'raves' saw the introduction of rare soul 45's being played to a youthful 'fed up with the UK pop hit' syndrome. Soon, this bizarre youth culture turned the North of England into 'the place to be' every Saturday night, and following the closure of The Wheel in 1970 saw a plethora of hip clubs such as The Catacombs (Wolverhampton), The Golden Torch (Stoke-on-Trent) and the daddy of them all - Wigan Casino. The latter (1973-1981) was the scene's most famous all night venue from where the most popular singles emerged. This book is a masterpiece collating the top 500 most collectable Northern Soul records that have so far been uncovered. Histories, photos and labels are all here for you to drool over. The number one single is Frank Wilson's 'Do I Love You', only discovered in the late 70's - an instant smash at Wigan. There are only two copies of the original in the world and the last one sold fetched £15,000 - thankfully available now on CD compilations. Some of the prices will scare you but the book will fascinate you.
During the 80's the movement took a  downturn for the masses ,however with the advent of the 90's and CD's, things got healthier, although the faithful who stayed with the scene during the the lean period need applauding for championing an alternative sound to the one previously heard at Wigan Casino.. All-nighters abound once more and the original Wheel/Torch/Mecca/Casino goers are returning along with newcomers eager to see what the attraction is. Quite simply, there is no other music scene that offers you everything - from friendships still strong after 20-40 years to dancing that makes all other forms look clumsy, also the willingness to embrace artists whose initial attempts at success were confined to warehouse floors and had to wait for DJ's and collectors coming over from the UK in order to find worthy fame.  
Now in it's 45th year, the scene has completely evolved and is better for it. The music in general is excellent, with new rarities, Old Wheel favourites, Modern gems  plus Fast n Funky hip tracks all gathering their own fan base.
The author homes in on a North Of England collecting/Dancing phenomena 'Northern Soul'. Basically,it's a passionate collectors movement following the fortunes of obscure 45's that never made it! Yeah,you might know your Marvin Gaye's and Chaka Khans,but how about The Magnetics,Earl Jackson or The Superiors. If ever a story and categorization of Americas hidden musical jewels was warranted,then this is surely it. Absolutely fascinating!!  
500 Great reasons to DOWNLOAD this book. 

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